The Second International Conference on the I-Ching

The following pages present a photo-journal of my trip to Taiwan for the conference. The Taiwanese are a tremendously hospitable people, always willing to go the extra mile to help a visitor. It was a fascinating time, and I took over 400 photos, so I've had to be very selective here. I hope these images convey some of my enjoyment.

  1. The Journey Out
  2. The Tayih Landis Hotel
  3. The Conference
  4. Around Tainan
  5. The Confucian Temple
  6. Heading for the Mountains
  7. Dawn at Alishan
  8. A Walk in the Forest
  9. Tse Yun Temple
  10. Moving On
  11. Sun Moon Lake
  12. Chung Tai Chan Monastery
  13. Taipei by Night
  14. Taipei by Day

Thanks to Bent Nielsen for some additional photos.