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Event Sponsors

The event was generously sponsored by the Wuxi Zhouyi Numerological Society, with support from the Provincial Government of Jiangsu Province and the Municipal Government of Wuxi City.


The overall theme of the conference was Yijing and Striving for World Harmony, with papers invited in a number of catagories, as follows:

  1. Understanding Yijing as relevant to contemporary mathematics and science
  2. Understanding Yijing as relevant to cosmology and the ultimate in world religions
  3. Understanding Texts of Yijing as relevant to humanity and life- world
  4. Philosophy of Yijing as ecology of nature and environmental ethics
  5. Yijing as a philosophy of harmony and dialectics of harmonization
  6. Yijing as foundations of global ethics and post-modern aesthetics /art
  7. Yijing as clues to conflict resolution and inter-cultural communication
  8. Yijing as key for understanding economic and financial crises and their reforms

The opening ceremony and keynote speeches of the conference, on June 15, 2010, took place in the Wuguan Hall of the Ling Shan Fan-kung. On the second day, June 16, the group discussions, conference presentations and the closing ceremony took place at the Tai Hu Hotel, Wuxi.

There is a Chinese report on the conference here, with a yours truely appearing in the second picture on the page (not sure how long this will stay live, so I'm reproducing the photo below).

Dr Schoter at the Conference

Conference Report

Most of the conference material was delivered in Chinese, and therefore outwith my ability to report on. However, one of the key note speeches was delivered in English (and translated into Manderin), and a complete session on the second day was entirely in English. Some details of these presentations are here.

Some Photos from the Trip

I've also included some pages with a few photos from the trip.