The Symbol Game


The Symbol Game (Gua Yi 卦弈) is a board game using the symbols of the Yijing as the tokens of play. It borrows elements of the Chinese game of Wei Qi 圍棋 (better known in the West by its Japanese name Go) and the board game Quarto. And, of course, Herman Hesse's description of the Glass Bead Game is also a big conceptual influence.

The Symbol Game can be played as solitaire, or as a multi player game, with the software allowing up to four people to collaborate. Although there is a points system, the emphasis of the game should be on the narratives developed by the players as they place the symbols into play.

You can read the rules of the game here.

Play an alpha version of the game here.

Known Issues with the Α2 Version

Please note that this is currently an incomplete version of the software, released to the web primarily to allow me to test it on a variety of platforms.

The following issues will be addressed in subsequent releases of the game software:

  1. There is no way to undo a move once it has been made.
  2. Narratives are not recorded in the game.
  3. Symbol names are hard coded.