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Contrast Cluster

This cluster satisfies the equation: P = o(P). Specifically, it satisfies P = o(P) and P ≠ e(P).

A: A = e(~B) A = ~C A = e(D) A = o(A)
B: B = e(~A) B = ~D B = e(C) B = o(B)
C: C = e(~D) C = ~A C = e(B) C = o(C)
D: D = e(~C) D = ~B D = e(A) D = o(D)

This cluster has the same algebraic relationships as the Canonical Taiji Contrast Clusters for the first three columns, but then separates the exchange e(.) and overturning o(.) operators; with overturning being invariant, it does not form pairs like the other opposits.