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King Wen Sequence Index

Wilhelm/Baynes  Ritsema/Sabbadini   Rutt
1 The Creative Energy Active
2 The Receptive Space Earth
3 Difficulty at the Beginning Sprouting Massed
4 Youthful Folly Envelopment Dodder
5 Waiting (Nourishment) Attending Waiting
6 Conflict Arguing Dispute
7 The Army The Legions Troops
8 Holding Together [Union] Grouping Joining
9 The Taming Power of the Small The Small Accumulating Farming: Minor
10 Treading [Conduct] Treading Stepping
11 Peace Compenetration Great
12 Standstill [Stagnation] Obstruction Bad
13 Fellowship with Men Concording People Mustering
14 Possession in Great Measure The Great Possessing Large, There
15 Modesty Humbling Rat
16 Enthusiasm Providing Elephant
17 Following Following Pursuit
18 Work on What Has Been Spoiled [Decay] Decay Mildew
19 Approach Nearing Keening
20 Contemplation (View) Overseeing Observing
21 Biting Through Gnawing and Biting Biting
22 Grace Adorning Bedight
23 Splitting Apart Stripping Flaying
24 Return (The Turning Point) Return Returning
25 Innocence (The Unexpected) Without Entanglement Unexpected
26 The Taming Power of the Great The Great Accumulating Farming: Major
27 The Corners of the Mouth The Jaws Molars
28 Preponderance of the Great The Great Exceeding Passing: Major
29 The Abysmal (Water) The Gorge Pit
30 The Clinging, Fire The Radiance Oriole
31 Influence (Wooing) Conjunction Chopping
32 Duration Persevering Fixing
33 Retreat Retiring Pig
34 The Power of the Great The Great's Vigor Big Injury
35 Progress Prospering Advancing
36 Darkening of the Light Brightness Hidden Crying Pheasant
37 The Family [The Clan] Household People Household
38 Opposition Polarizing Espy
39 Obstruction Limping Stumbling
40 Deliverance Unraveling Unloosing
41 Decrease Diminishing Diminishing
42 Increase Augmenting Enriching
43 Break-through (Resoluteness) Parting Skipping
44 Coming to Meet Coupling Locking
45 Gathering Together [Massing] Clustering Together
46 Pushing Upward Ascending Going Up
47 Oppression (Exhaustion) Confinement Beset
48 The Well The Well Well
49 Revolution Skinning Leather
50 The Cauldron The Vessel Tripod-Bowl
51 The Arousing (Shock, Thunder) The Shake Thunder
52 Keeping Still, Mountain The Bound Cleaving
53 Development (Gradual Progress) Infiltrating Settling
54 The Marrying Maiden Converting Maidenhood Marriage
55 Abundance [Fullness] Abounding Thick
56 The Wanderer Sojourning Sojourner
57 The Gentle (The Penetrating, Wind) The Root Food Offerings
58 The Joyous, Lake The Open Satisfaction
59 Dispersion [Dissolution] Dispersing Gushing
60 Limitation Articulating Juncture
61 Inner Truth The Center Conforming Trying Captives
62 Preponderance of the Small The Small Exceeding Passing: Minor
63 After Completion Already Fording Already Across
64 Before Completion Not Yet Fording Not Yet Across