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Standard Rotation Group

P >> n =  Lifting a Block

In this rotation group a solid block of yang rises up through the spectrum, energizing complete domains as it ascends. The recycle phase of this rotation takes two steps.

A perfectly balanced block of yang, resting comfortably at its base energy.

When a offering leads to balance, this allows raising the game a step.

The initial impetus lifts the whole block one step.

A balance which faciliates raising should lead to persistence.

Perseverance is required to lift the whole block up a second step.

Raising persistited in unconditionally leads to imbalance.

Another step up is one too many - too much yang too high, unbalanced!

When persistence leads to imbalance, a sacrifice becomes required.

The first step in recycling the block.

An imbalance rectified through sacrifice becomes an offering.

The final step in recycling the block.

A sacrifice which becomes an offering leads to balance.

This group contains all its own complements, so it has no complementary rotation. It shares this characteristinc only with the rotation group P >> n = .

Note that every hexagram in this set is fully resonant so they are all in r(P) = , the only other fully resonant hexagrams are the two symbols in the rotation group P >> n = , making the second connection to that group.

This rotation group is composed of two contrast clusters: A, and B.