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Standard Rotation Group

P >> n =  Immediate Excess

In this rotation group a heavy block of four yang lines rises up through the spectrum. This is a large amount of energy, spanning more than a whole domain. The recycle phase of this rotation takes three steps, this is the same length as the ascending phase.

A super-substantial block of yang, matter is full and pattern is sparked, a great vigour.
As soon as that yang vigour lifts, it reaches excess. Too heavy to take even one step.
Continuing to ascend, that super-substantial yang is already receeding on its second step.
Recycling from pattern, the spark ignites again in the root of matter.
The middle of the recycling holds the inner truth, the thickened fire.
The final step of recycling, understanding the place of spirit in binding fullness. Binding it to repress excess.

Algebraicaly, this has a Boolean complement rotation: P >> n = ~.