Wen Zhang


The following pages present reviews of some of the material that I have found of interest. Some of these reviews have previously appeared in print.

Cheng, Chung-ying.

  • On Five Senses of Yi (Change/Creativity) and the Onto-Cosmological World of Yi PDF Download. This was presented by Professor Cheng as an invited paper at The Second International Conference on I-Ching (Yijing) Studies and Contemporary Civilization, Tainan, Taiwan, November 27–30, 2005 and was published on pp17–35 of the conference proceedings. This response is based on the English language abstract for the paper published in the Proceedings, plus an additional English handout on the material provided by Professor Cheng at the conference, and further personal communication with Professor Cheng subsequent to the conference. This review was first published in the Journal of Chinese Philosophy, Volume 33, Number 2, June 2006, pp279-285. © 2006 Journal of Chinese Philosophy, Blackwell Publishing, Inc.

Huang, Alfred.

  • The Numerology of the I Ching.  This is a companion volume to Huang's translation The Complete I Ching, which provides material that underpins and illuminates the main text. This review originally appeared in print in Volume 2, Number 12 of The Oracle: the Journal of Yijing Studies, January 2002, pp14-17.

Nielsen, Bent.

Salyer, Monica and Gilbert Leal.

  • The Omei I Ching: Mechanics of the I Ching. This work presents a new analysis of the square Fu Xi arrangement with an interesting mathematical characterisation of its axes of symmetry. This review originally appeared in print in Volume 2, Number 10 of The Oracle: the Journal of Yijing Studies, January 2000, pp41-46.

Sung, Z.D.

  • Symbols of the Yi King. This book was originally published in Shanghai in 1934. It is an interesting volume packed with ideas that prefigures a lot of recent work, including my own Boolean lattice analysis.

Wu, Zhongxian.

  • Seeking the Spirit of the Book of Change PDF Download. Subtitled "8 Days to Mastering a Shamanic Yijing Prediction System" this book presents an intuitive divination system from a Daoist oral tradition and includes a wide range of case studies.