Sung: Part II - Their Exibits

Chapter V - Astronomical Exhibits

This chapter investigates the significance of such numbers as 2, 3, 6 and 9, and 144 and 216. It does so by identifying physical properties which embody these numbers.

Unfortunately this volume is not free of such nonsense as "The ratio of 9 and 6 to 3 and 2, is that of circumference to its approximate diameter" (p66). Yes, 3 is approximately pi. But so what?

Some data purporting to show that the ratio of day/night varies between 9/6 around summer solstice through 8/7 around the equinoxes to 6/9 in the winter. But again, the correspondance is approximate.

There's a similar correspondance exhibited for tides. Then some obscure stuff about angles.

At about this point in the book I begin to become disappointed. What started with some crystal insights into the spacial structure of the Yi has become a search for pointless connections that, as far as I can see, do not really exist.