Review of Sung: Part III - Their Remarks

These pages contain a set of numbered remarks that are presumably intended to elucidate what has come before.

In Remark VII - The Geometric Definition of that System of Symbols, on p104 the author explictly makes the connection between the Taiji and a point, between the yin and yang and a line, between the four bigrams and a square, and between the eight trigrams and a cube. This directly prefigures the work of Charlie Higgins and his Mensional analysis.

Remark XIV closes the section. The author again emphasizes the importance of the cubic arrangements, and closes by inviting "comments and criticisms, as may be deemed necessary" p118. This saved it for me. There seemed to be a genuine concern to expose his own thinking on these matters for the overall good of the Yi.

I hope that this review can be seen as it is intended, in the spirit of providing necessary criticism.