Wave Sequences

The Seasonal Wave

The seasonal sequence of hexagrams is well known, starting with Receptive for the Winter Soltice and proceeding through the months of the year through a regular sequence of hexagrams, with Peace representing the balance of the Spring Equinox, Creative representing the full yang of the Summer Solstice, and Separation representing the balance of the Autumn Equinox.

All of the hexagrams which appear in this sequence have at most 1 internal energy boundary. A more complete description of this sequence, including the corresponding Boolean structure, is given here.

The animation on the left shows the complete sequence. In this sequence, yang enters at the bottom and gradually fills the complete structure, advancing upwards in uniform steps until the situation has transformed from Receptive to Creative. The process then continues with yin entering at the bottom and advancing upwards through the structure.  

This is an elegant model of waxing and waning, a natural type of energy transformation. In addition to the transformations of the seasons, this form of change captures the phases of the moon.

We know that the hexagrams in this wave sequence correspond to the ieb < 2 hexagrams. However, it cannot actually be generated by the type of wave functions so far discussed. Although it has the natural appearance of a wave, from the current perspective, it is best viewed as a path through the lattice. More particularly, it is also a path around the surface of the First Chorand Sphere.